About Us

Our Story

The Creative Learners Preschool is a holistic preschool. Holistic implies that it allows and provides space for all aspects of life, and to be aware of how everything is connected. We show through our language and our approach through an understanding that the body, mind, emotions and mind are not separate from each other but deeply interconnected.

Our Mission

Our business is inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy, a holistic approach, as well as NVC (Non Violent Communication) principles. We realize our vision by in our daily activities:

We are providing an environment that children are happy in. We are inspiring children to expand their inherent creativity, desire to learn and eagerness to with all their senses to explore the world around them. We are placing a large part of the daily activities outdoors. We are ensuring that the children always feel safe and respected, and surrounded by openness, honesty and kindness. We are following clear guidelines and rules agreed in a sociocratic way and that everyone understands and respects. We are encouraging children to get to know themselves and build a strong self-esteem and self-awareness, and providing as much space as possible for the children, in collaboration with teachers and each other shaping the day's rhythm to suit their unique circumstances and needs.

Through the choice of themes, activities and outings providing space for the children's individuality and interests. We are teaching children communication tools that promote a constructive and good cooperation with other individuals in society. We are showing children that life can be lived in many different ways and that the choice how they want to live their lives is their own. We are creating an aesthetically pleasing environment indoors and outdoors, with space for rest, calm, play, creativity, learning, exploring and daily contact with nature. We are in a natural way involving children in society through collaboration with local businesses, farms, associations, etc.




Happy parents



Our Vision

The Creative Learners Preschool’s vision is to provide children:

  • Trust in and respect for fellow human beings.
  • The ability to express all aspects of their beings.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with others.
  • Zest for life, joy and a desire to learn, explore, and create.
  • Strong self-esteem and belief in their own worth as an unique individual.
  • Self-awareness and ability to express their needs and to stand up for themselves.
  • Tools that support a life of health and wellness on all levels; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.
  • A basis for being able to take responsibility through democratic methods, shaping a sustainable society for the future together with others.