Campaigning Confidence, Curiosity, Conversation & Community.

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A Holistic Preschool, The Creative Learners Preschool is a holistic preschool. Holistic implies that it allows and provides space for all aspects of life, and to be aware of how everything is connected.

We show through our language and our approach through an understanding that the body, mind, emotions and mind are not separate from each other but deeply interconnected. We are providing an environment that children are happy in. We are inspiring children to expand their inherent creativity, desire to learn and eagerness to with all their senses to explore the world around them. We are placing a large part of the daily activities outdoors. We are ensuring that the children always feel safe and respected, and surrounded by openness, honesty and kindness.

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Our mission is to cultivate a community of families and teachers who work together to provide a safe, stimulating and positive growth.

Educational Approach

Rich Learning Environment

Frequent and Open Communication with Parents

Utilization of a Variety of Art Mediums and Styles

Family Atmosphere

Low Student to Teachers Ratio

Cleanliness as a Priority

Safe and Secure

Our staff will ensure that child’s safety is a top priority at all times. We have designed our Preschool as an entrance to the new world.


We takes no chances with hygiene and cleanliness. Our washrooms are cleaned and sanitised at the beginning and end of every day. They are also equipped with a diaper changing station and fully stocked with daily essentials.

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Getting into the right preschool is never a coincidence;
it is an outcome of the right decision at the right time.

Monday -> 8 AM - 9 PM

Tuesday -> 8 AM - 9 PM

Wednesday -> 8 AM - 9 PM

Thursday -> 8 AM - 9 PM

Friday -> 8 AM - 9 PM

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Astha Mam


'Best Student of the Year' award in 2009 from 'The Times Of India'

Experience: 8 years

Astha Pandey is Founder & Management Head of "Creative Learners Pre School". She holds a post graduate degree in commerce and a graduate degree in business administration from Mumbai University. She started teaching as a hobby at the mere age of fifteen.With time, she developed and polished her natural skills to cater knowledge. At nineteen, she full fledgedly started working with multiple educational institues hardly realising that hobby has turned into a passion.Creative learners Pre School is her baby born out of her passion and ability to connect with her kiddos.She believes in self dependence and education is the only way which can help an individual to be self reliable.Her tagline itself shows what she strives to achieve in her students- "Compaigning Confidence, Curiosity, Conversation & Community."




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